8 Easy Online Jobs For Mothers

Many people these days are switching to online jobs and are working full time merely on the internet. This modern tool we call internet can serve you in ways you never imagined was possible before. In this article we will share with you some of the most effective ways of earning online and easiest jobs that you can do while sitting at home, taking care of your home and baby as well as earning a handsome amount.

Before we jump into the article, however, we need to share one little tip with you and that is, the more you work, the better it gets. When you are starting it might seem too overwhelming to you and at times you might also feel angry, sad, frustrated but hand in there. Try working and experimenting with these below mentioned tips and types of jobs, once you realize what works best for you, earning from home as a busy mother will become easy and effortless for you.


  1. Blogging

Blogging is one of the oldest and still most popular forms of sharing your creativity as well as earning money with merely a laptop and some good internet connection. You can blog about your lifestyle, food, motherhood, your journey of becoming a mother as well as some tips on how to take care of babies and kids better. All you need to do is make a Gmail account. Than make an account on any blogging platform like WordPress, Blogspot or Wix etc as they are free. Next just think about your blog name and start writing. After sometime when you have some good amount of articles on your blog, you need to get Adsense approval and through the ads displayed on your website, you start earning.

  1. Stock Photos

If writing is not your thing, but you like to do photography, that is even better. There are many online websites that pay people for their photos. All you need is an account on their website and a PayPal account. These stock images, websites allow you to upload photographs there that are royalty free and anyone can use them but you get paid in return. The more people download, the more you get paid.

  1. Ghost Writing

Ghost writing is another type of writing that is different than blogging basically. You can write for other people and get paid in return. The only thing different about ghost writing is that you don’t get to have your own name on the writings but of the clients. But since you will get paid, some people settle for ghost writing as it is yet another creative form of content creation.

  1. Voice Over Jobs

As a mother sometimes it becomes difficult to write long articles, therefore you can use your voice to earn money as well. It is fast, easy and has a great scope. There are many businesses and websites that hire people, send them the material they need the voice of, and those people just record their voice saying whatever is required.

  1. Customer Service Jobs

Customer service jobs require you to merely talk to people on phone on behalf of some company or business and listen to the problems of people. You just communicate that message to the company and that is it. Plus it is not 24/7 and you can fix the timings yourself.

  1. Proof Reading

There are many people who are even willing to pay you for merely reading their books, manuscripts, articles, essays and other things. The payment is less, but it is still a good source of some extra cash.

  1. Reviewing Products

You can also review products for brands before they are launched in the market or even after and get paid in return through these companies.

  1. Online Tutoring

If you have skills you think you can teach to others, start teaching them online on different tutoring websites or even on YouTube. Some website ay you directly while on YouTube, again Adsense helps you earn.

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