Best Places To Travel With Kids

Best Places To Travel With Kids

Some people dread travelling with their kids because of how much the kids tend to annoy. There can be two reasons for that, wither the kids are not comfortable in what they are wearing or they don’t’ like the place they are going to. So in order to avoid all such problems, we have made a list of places that you can take your kids and they will really enjoy the place without getting bored. The list is divided into two categories, places in Pakistan you can go to and then the popular places in the world your kids will love to go to.

In Pakistan, there are many museums and parks in Pakistan you can take you kids to but we have listed 2 national places that will be different to go to from the usual parks and playing areas in malls.

  • Khewra salt mines, these are very popular and people from around the world visit them with their families. You can also take your kids to the salt mines and you know why your kids will enjoy them? Because of the lighting system installed inside the mines. The caves inside are a spectacle everyone enjoys exploring them. You can tell your kids, it’s a treasure hunt or an adventure ride and they will make the trip much more enjoyable than you think.
  • Hiking in Margalla hills/trails, you might be wondering this might not be for kids, but this is exactly what this is, for kids. Adults tend to become less energetic with time, but the kids have more raw energy and they really enjoy a good physical activity like sports and hiking. Make sure to pack food and drinks with you so that you can serve them whenever they get hungry because children get hungry fast.

International places, the world is filled with the most amazing places to go to not only on a honeymoon but also take your kids with you. The list contains some of the most popular places children and teens love to visit that includes places like castles, theme parks, chocolate factories, underwater restaurants, vocational resorts, museums among others. Not only your kids will enjoy these places, but even you will. Many of these you might not have heard of, so pack your bags and go travel with your family.

  • Disney parks to go to, there is a total of twelve parks, Disney parks around the world and these are the best places to take your kids to, they are: Walt Disney World Resort (Florida) (Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot, Animal Kingdom) Disneyland Resort (California) (Disneyland, California Adventure)
  • Chocolate factories to visit, who doesn’t love chocolates? This yet another very different set of places you can go with your entire family and especially the kids. Everyone loves chocolates and these factories allow visitors to come and see how their chocolates are made. This is the list of popular chocolate factories, Museum Temple of Chocolate (Belgium), Haigh’s Chocolate, Adelaide (Australia), Hershey’s Chocolate World – Pennsylvania (United States), Cailler Chocolate (Switzerland) and many more.
  • Underwater Hotel (The Conrad Maldives Rangali Island), this one is one of the most popular places in the world because of its beautiful architecture that is built underwater mostly. This is a great spot for a family vacation because kids will love the fishes underwater and the view. You can also teach them the names of sea animals and fishes as well as the plantation you see. Moreover the place is calming and is a great getaway from the busy school and work life. Maldives is popular for such similar views and places so other than this underwater hotel, you can take your kids for a walk on the beach as well.

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