What Is Mindfulness?

We have seen nowadays that most people do not tend to be able to spend quality time being present and enjoying the world around them. Time is running fast and with that everyone else happens to run too. This state of being lost and being tired as well as having to rush everywhere is with everyone. From old people

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Summer Ramadan Fasting Tips

With the sun rays getting hotter and the environment, giving us complete hot summer feels, people have started consuming more water now. This of course is one of the most important things to do in summer, drink water as much as you can. However, there is another news, Ramadan is arriving soon too, and thus it is often hard

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All About Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamins are extremely important for our bodies because of their properties and the nutrition they provide us. There are naturally occurring vitamins that our body gets from different natural sources and foods like milk, sun, fruits, etc. However, along with them one can get vitamins from artificial sources as well like medicines and syrups. Depression, it is

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Know About Irritable Bowel Syndrome

There are various problems and diseases of the digestive system and excretory system that we do not know about. Most of the times people spend all their lives going through a problem without even knowing that it is such a serious thing. This ends up causing more trouble in the later stages where the problem

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The Health Benefits of Laughter

One of the most beautiful sounds in the world is of laughter. Someone laughing with all their heart, being content and happy, smiling widely at the world. It is often seen and heard people who have a good laugh every now and then are healthier and optimistic about the world and life. And it is

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