How To Stay Hydrated In Ramadan

If the month of Ramadan arrives in winters, much of our thirst remains at bay because of the cool weather. However, if Ramadan arrives in summers, then beating the heat whilst fasting tin become a challenge. Despite consuming water and other drinks in Sehri, we will feel thirsty and dehydrated during the day, especially whilst

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10 Tips for moms to shed those extra pregnancy pounds

Many women, especially today, are extremely concerned about all the weight they gain during pregnancy. While some women do not gain so much weight due to genetic factors, nausea and healthy habits, others are not so lucky and may be prone to weight gain due to undeniable food cravings as well as their genes. It

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Dealing With Dermatitis

Do you have dermatitis? I know it could be irritating at times especially when you have the urge to scratch your scalp during a meeting at the office or when driving. This is a condition affecting millions across the world. It is normal to have dermatitis which can be caused because of your genes, imbalance

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Be Easy On Your Stomach

We normally eat much when we are enjoying a good time with friends and family. The same happens when we are depressed, as we tend to consume more to overcome our negative feelings. But, in any case, we must consciously know what is good and what is bad for our stomach. Even when we are

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Say No To Bad Breath

If someone is dressed shabbily, he or she may have a chance to interact with others. However, if someone has bad breath, then no matter how elegantly that person is dressed, people will tend to remain away from him/her. What causes bad breath? Bad breath is a medical condition that is curable, however, you must

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