Common Winter Health Problems And How To Combat Them

Winter is one of the most celebrated seasons of the year around the globe, especially the autumn season and the time when snow fall begins. People come out of their homes in the snow to take pictures and enjoy the weather. Moreover, due to winter holidays and New Year, many stores put sales on and thus it also becomes a popular season for shopping. However, winter also brings its fair share of problems and health concerns. In this article we have discussed some of the health issues that winter brings and how to fight them.

Sore throats are one the most common winter problems that almost everyone goes through every year. No matter what age you are in, sore throats are troublesome and cause pain for everyone. It happens because of the bacteria in the throat and the redness and itchy throat stays like that for almost a week. To tackle this problem first of all one should avoid cold drinks and ice cold beverages. Ice cream consumption should also be minimized. Moreover, try to cover your body properly. If you have a sore throat, keep yourself warm, drink lots of warm water and also consume hot teas and joshanda. Skin dryness is the second important thing we must talk about when writing the list of winter problems. Winter is a dry month and with the cold breeze and no moisture in the air, the skin tends to dry out fast, causing breakage and itchiness as well as rashes. In order to deal with this, one must drink plenty of water, avoid too much coffee intake and moisturize their entire body. Buy yourself a good moisturizer that will neither be too dry nor too greasy on your skin. Use it every morning and night as well as during the day if you have washed your face or hands.

Dandruff is also a problem faced by many people. Due to the dryness of winter, dandruff is formed in the hair making the hair messy as well as drier. There are many ways to handle and reduce dandruff. Regularly oiling the hair is one of the oldest and most effective ways of getting rid of dandruff. Some people also mix mashed sugar in the oil along with one egg and some yogurt. Apply this mixture on the hair, scalp and wash after half hour. It reduces the dandruff and also moisturizes the hair. Also avoid washing hair every day. Leave a gap of a day or two before washing hair. Moreover, using a conditioner after shampooing also moisturizes the hair and lessens the dryness and dandruff. Winter blues are just another name for the sadness and gloominess almost everyone feels during the winter. It is mostly due to the cold weather and its impact on the brain. Everything seems so grey and blue without the pop of any bright colours. This is also another common issue, but disturbs the mental health of people. No need to worry about what is happening with your moods, instead, wear bright colours, make your house and room brighter, and let the sun come in during the day time. Go sit in the sun if you can and get vitamin D. Eat mood lifting foods like berries, dark chocolate and drink lots of water.

Headaches are also caused due to the drop in temperatures. For this, cover your ears and head; wear warm clothes, caps, gloves and especially socks as most of the cold enters in the body through the feet. Along with the headaches, cold and flu is another winter issue that every year people have to face. It is caused due to infectious virus. Wear warm clothes when you are sick, drink soups and hot tea. Avoid going in the cold as much as you can and sleep a lot. Do rest well in the cold and sickness.

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