Dairy Based Foods You Can Have

A lot of people have this misconception that all dairy based foods and products are harmful for health and must be consumed in any case. This is not true. Dairy based food and products are not harmful for health and in fact they contain very important vitamin and nutrition for humans. Calcium is an extremely important component of dairy products and foods and that is required by the body and bones in large quantity.

In this article we will discuss what dairy based foods you can take but before that let us clear one more thing, what exactly is a dairy based product? Is almond milk a dairy product? Well, no, almond milk is milk, but it is not dairy based. Is peanut better a dairy product? Nope, peanut butter has the name butter in it, but it is also not dairy based. Dairy products are those products that are formed by the milk of mammals. Thus cow milk, buffalo milk, goat milk, camel milk, they are all dairy products and anything you make from them will be dairy based product.


  • Are you lactose intolerant? Our next question should be who can have dairy based products and who cannot. There are two types of people, lactose tolerant and lactose intolerant. Milk and all dairy products have lactose in them. The people who feel sick or their bodies cannot bear lactose are called lactose intolerant people. Thus, if they consume dairy products, they either get nausea or diarrhoea. The next type is those people who do not feel a thing after taking dairy products or milk and therefore they are lactose tolerant. Means their bodies can function perfectly on the consumption of lactose. If you don’t feel sick or nauseated by lactose intake, it means you are lactose tolerant and you can freely take any product that has dairy in it. Consume dairy products if you are lactose tolerant, if you are not, consult a doctor before consuming them.


  • Yogurt, the most popular dairy product is yogurt. Yogurt is made naturally on the farms and in houses and also in the factories where it comes in the packing form to the grocery stores. Natural yogurt is very good for health and has proven to be a good beauty agent as well. It cures an upset stomach, boosts mood as well as works well in desserts too without being too sweet.


  • Cheese, one of the most loved dairy items is the case, that you find on almost every popular dish, from pizza and sandwiches to pastas. If cheese doesn’t cause any kind of trouble for you, you can have this dairy product as well. It is healthy, full of nutrition and also gives energy to the body.


  • Cream, it is a fattening dairy based product, but you can have it in small quantity on desserts and in coffee. Cream comes in many forms like sweet cream, sour crème, cream cheese and some others. Used in baking and many other edible recipes, it has calcium, is fulfilling and delicious.


  • Butter, is another rich dairy based product used for cooking, baking and even put on baked potatoes. Most of people who are lactose intolerant and cannot drink milk are seen to be able to consume butter. You can see if it works for you and have it.


  • Cow Milk, how can we skip milk? The cow is one of the most beneficial forms of milk and thus one must consume cow milk instead of the buffalo milk.


  • Powdered Milk, it is made from real dairy milk and thus it is also a dairy based product. You can have it in tea or drink it by putting water in it and warming it.


  • Ice Cream and Puddings, they mostly are dairy based products as they contain milk in them.

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