Effective Tips To Organize Your Fridge And Freezer

Being organized is not only confined to your room or your wardrobe. It is about everything in your life, including the freezer and the fridge. Most of the time people don’t like spending too much time taking care of their freezers and fridge and thus, end up having to clean those large amounts of rotten food and ice after 6 or 8 months. One can not only save up all that hard work, but also save their money if the fridge is properly organized. You will be able to use all that food and also know what is there to shop and what is already stacked up in your freezer or fridge. In this article we will discuss some tips that can help you organize your fridge and freezer, that will help you save up time and food.

  1. Clean Every Month, Take Everything Out

Some people may keep organizing and cleaning in two different categories. But do you know that de-cluttering, cleaning and organizing all go in the same category. If you want to stay organized and would like to keep the fridge, freezer and the food in it in good health for a long period of time, you need to keep a regular cleaning schedule. Take out all the items from your freezer and fridge, clean it from inside and outside once every month.

  1. Give Compartments To Various Things

Another great tip to organize the fridge and freezer is to use those compartments wisely. Make categories of food items and put them together in the same portion. For example, all the products related to dairy go in the upper portion of the fridge. Therefore, all that cheese, butter, yogurt, milk and other dairy products if you have, will have one compartment. Likewise, in the freezer, all the ice cubes will have one compartment and may be if you have ice cream that can also go in the same portion. All the meat, chicken, fish and even the packed nuggets and other items will have one compartment. In this way you will know what to put where and what to take out from which portion.

  1. Name Compartments/Tag Them

Furthermore, you can name the compartments. Put small tags on them, write them on a paper and stick in from of each portion. The moment you open the fridge, you won’t have to stand there for a few minutes deciding where to find something or how to move around things to find what you are looking for.

  1. Store Everything In Containers

Who doesn’t love those transparent plastic or glass containers we put the leftover food in? All the names do, though. Go to the market and buy some transparent boxes in different sizes and don’t just store the leftover food in them. In fact, use them to put all your food and store them in their portion. If you like to prepare your meal in advance, use the containers and put tags on them. Has baked a cake and would like to give your kids a piece of cake every week for school lunch? Prepare their lunch of the week by putting a piece of cake in 5 containers for 5 school days. When handing it over to your kid, if you have prepared more and fresh lunch, just add that too in the lunch box and give it to him.

  1. Remove Large Food Boxes

Another tip most people would agree will be helpful is to put that mithai in a container or box and then store in the fridge. Do the same with the cake someone has brought for you. These boxes of food items take up all the space in the fridge making it look messy.

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