Everything About Dates

Everything About Dates

With Ramazan and everyone making menus for Ramazan, now would be a good time to remember the dates. There is a reason why dates are considered important in Ramazan. They are the food of the desert and it is because of their qualities. The date plant doesn’t require much watering but stores enough nutrition in it to fulfil the bedouins. There are various types of dates, some are more hydrated while others are dry, belonging to the same family but a different species. Some of us tend to skip eating dates during iftari but that is not a wise thing because after all day if fasting, dates have the energy the body requires. In this article we have discussed some of the benefits of dates and some easy recipes to consume dates if you don’t want to eat them just like that.

  • Talking about benefits, we have accomplished by now that dates have tremendous benefits too and that they are one of the best foods for body and mind. Thus in this portion we will see why dates should be eaten and now that Ramazan is here, it is better to understand the concept of eating dates at suhoor and iftari.
  • Gives energy to body, dates are one of the best boosters of energy. These tiny energy bars keep a person active for long hours in day and night. Most people consume dates only in iftari time and that too only one. But the best time other than iftari to eat dates, is also sehri because they will give you energy to last for an entire day. Thus have 2 or 3 dates in the sehri time as well.
  • Gives nutrition to the body, yes dates are popular in the deserts even today because of the nutrition they provide to the body. Deserts have dry and hot weather with long days and that is why even the people of the past used to eat dates even when they did not have enough food. Likewise when fasting a person’s body is deprived of food for long hours and thus the dates provide the those vitamins and nutrition that make up for the energy lost as well as the things body lacks.
  • Improves brain health, dates improve brain health as well and thus people like to eat them in Ramazan because one gets the energy and elements brain needs to focus on prayers and even other daily chores. Moreover those who have to study and perhaps also work, they also must eat dates for their improved mental health and for focus.
  • Quick recipe, at times we can’t consume the dates just like that and need to spice up the recipe. For this there are some easy recipes that include dates so you can try them and enjoy the taste as well as the nutrition. Dates smoothies are popular drinks in Ramazan and they are very healthy for the body. There are various recipes of date drinks. One can also add dates to any smoothie or shake but the basic recipe of date smoothie is to mix dates (take out the seed), milk and nuts, blend them really well. You can add a little bit of cream if you like and that is it. Add ice cubes and drink this in the hot summer days. You can add sugar or honey if like but we haven’t included it in the recipe because dates are already too sweet so the sugar in them suffices and no extra is mostly required.
  • Dates on cereals, is another way to add dates in your diet is to just cut them in small pieces and sprinkle them on your sweets. Cereals are a good way to start. You can cut small pieces of dates and add them in your cereals so that your mornings get a kick start of energy and nutrition. Other then cereals, your other sweet meals can also have them.

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