Gym Tips For First Timers

Gym Tips For First Timers

Gym and working out regularly is a dream of many around the globe, but very few people get to achieve it. If you are one of those people who are still struggling and want to take the first step towards working out, then keep reading. In this article we will see how some of these very easy tips will help you to start a smooth gym routine and help you in your beginner level.

  • Take it slow, jumping right into a 45 minute gym routine is the most damaging advice anyone will give you. Whenever you are starting anything new, always take it slow. One of the best tips for working out and starting a gym routine that you will be able to stick to is to start with small steps and less hours. If you have never done gym before, starting with as less as 10 minutes a day would be a great idea. If you on and off workout, you can start with somewhere between 15 to 25 minutes of treadmill and stretching every day. After you have established a routine for about a month, you can move things forward and increase the time.
  • Avoid use of too many machines, remember to not use too many machines as firstly it is a beginner level and secondly, the moment you leave them, you start gaining weight. So focus more on the workout plan that doesn’t involve too many machine usage. If you want to use some machine, treadmill is the best option and then the cycle is the second best option. Start with these and along with that you can use some lightweight lifters. In this you will build your stamina and strength, increase muscle strength and get a hold on these machines too. 
  • Build your stamina, building stamina is one of the most useful tips for the gym, which will not only help in your workout routines but also other aspects of your life. So for all the beginners out there, build your stamina by walking and running more. Moreover stamina also includes breathing stamina and you can practice that by deep breathing and holding of breath for as long as you can without affecting your health. Swimming is also a great sport for building stamina regarding both breathing and energy. Water requires more force to be exerted in order to move in it and thus it will allow you to gain stamina and strength for a good workout routine even outside the pool and in the gym.
  • Wear stretchable comfy clothes, we also see that one person who would come to the gym in Shalwar Kameez and run on treadmill. Well, even if they are comfortable in it and can go on with their workout for hours, flared clothes in the gym for a workout is not a good idea because they cause so many resistances while exercising. Moreover the machines may catch the cloth and the experience may prove to be extremely fatal for your safety. Wear comfy clothes that cling to your body, but are also soft and flexible. Good gym clothes are made with stretchable fabric and prove to be very comfortable for the skin and body.
  • Register yourself in a class/session, if you are someone who simply can’t follow a workout routine alone, no worries. There are numerous gyms who have instructors and trainers that help people of all ages of their gym routine from beginner to advance. These trainers also help you with diet plans and what exercises will give you more benefits according to your stamina and body type. Furthermore, you can join classes as well where the likeminded people who have the same journey as your’s, join and focus on taking small steps of working out every day.
  • Not every workout plan is for everyone, if you don’t already know, not every meal plan is for every person. Our bodies are different and so is our style of doing things. If you can’t get a hold of cardio or zumba or even yoga, don’t worry, take help and find the most suitable workout plan accordingly to your will power and stamina.

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