Healthy Iftar And Sehri Ideas

Healthy Iftar And Sehri Ideas

Sehri and iftari are the most important meals for Ramazan and therefore they must be healthy. In this article therefore, some healthy options for sehri and iftari are discussed so that we can continue eating healthy for iftari and sehri too, keep reading and see what might be helpful for you.

1- Dates Cereal with Milk and Curd       

Dates Cereal with Milk and Curd

Some people are not the heavy sehri type and for them, cereals are still the best option but they can spice things up by using dates and curds with the cereal. You can also use cream and some dry fruits also. Fresh cream is a great option and a healthy thing to consume for sehri.

2 – Avoid Cold Water for Iftari

Avoid Cold Water For Iftari

One thing that a lot of people do wrong is that they drink so much of cold water upon the opening of iftari. This is one of the most dangerous things to do because of many reasons. Number one being that the body hasn’t had anything to drink for an entire day and so in summers and even winters, temperature of the body rises inside. When you consume cold water, it tends to instantly freeze the inside system which may make the body go in to shock. Secondly it increases the weight and especially the tummy fat. So drink lukewarm water at iftari and not chilled.

3 – Mango Shake with Dates

Mango Shake with Dates

Smoothies and shakes are always very healthy and now when taken with iftari or sehri, they are the best combination. It is often thought that sehri or iftari is incomplete without dahi or paratha but to tell you honestly, shakes and smoothies with dates is a great option and a great replacement for a lot of foods. It’s the season of mangoes so you can make mango shake or dates shake or mix them both. Add dates to every shake that you make and you will see your energy levels rise.

4 – Umali (Arabic Dish)

Umali (Arabic Dish)

Umali is a delicious Arabic dish that is made from milk, bread and dates. You can see the recipe from a video and then make it at home for iftari. This is highly nutritious and doesn’t make the person starve afterwards but is in fact fulfilling. Umali is a healthy food option because it has dates and milk both in it. Make this for your kids and also other members of the family for a sweet dish at iftari that is not even harmful for the body.

5 – Paratha and Curd

Paratha and Curd

Now many of you will think that paratha is not a healthy option but guess what, it is. Avoiding salan and curries is a good option because they have the masala and oils that make one fat. But eating paratha and curds for serhi will keep the body full for half the day. In this way you won’t get hungry that easily or quickly. Paratha and yogurt are also healthy in this context because one doesn’t get to eat the entire day and so the body still feels energetic enough to carry out the tasks and daily chores.

6 – Refreshing Lassi

Refreshing Lassi

This Ramazan is again going to be spent in the peak of summers and hot weather. For this one needs to stay hydrated a lot and drink not only water but other beverages too. For sehri and iftari, lassi is one of the most healthiest and popular drinks to take. Lassi is an ancient drink that people in the villages still drink in their everyday lives. However in the cities the people tend to drink it in Ramazan because of the nutrition and hydration it offers. You can take lassi in iftari and sehri to get benefits in hydration but also to last the entire day without getting super dehydrated or sick. Add a little bit if salt in your lassi and it will give you even the energy and salts that the body has lost during the day.

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