How To Encourage Kids For Fasting

How To Encourage Kids For Fasting

Fasting is a beautiful aspect of Islam and everyone waits for Ramazan ul Mubarak. However sometimes it becomes difficult to convince kids to fast especially if its summer or if they are starting it in their early years of youth. In this article there are various tips to help and motivate kids to start fasting. Keep reading and these tips will help you to understand how to make your kids excited for Ramazan and make them fast when the weather is hot and the motivation is low.

  • Narrate those stories of sahaba, stories of sahaba ikram are always very motivating for all the Muslims and their kids. Along with the adult sahaba, there are also the kids and children of that time who displayed remarkable faith and courage at that time. Tell your kids those stories and how they got rewards and how they did it for Allah. Tell them Allah loves them and that they can do it just like those sahaba ikram did in such harsh conditions.
  • Keep rewards for them for fasting, there always has to be some kind of motivation behind why someone will so something. You need to give an incentive to the kids and what best cue if not food? When they are fasting, make them food that is their favourite. Tell them if they fast, Allah will rewards them and they will get to eat the food that they love. In this initially they will start fasting because of the reward that follows. But afterwards they will start fasting specifically for food and start it for Allah, when you tell them about the sunnah and the sayings of Holy Quran.
  • Make their favourite foods in iftari, this is a no brainer. Kids love food and the biggest motivation you can give them is to make foods for them that they love to eat. All day they’ll endure patiently the fast because they want to eat their favourite food in iftari. This is a good way to show kids that Ramazan can be exciting and fun too even if they have to stay away from eating all day.
  • Arrange iftari of all the friends of your kids who are fasting, who doesn’t love parties and especially when it is in Ramazan. Motivate your kids to fast by arranging parties at iftari of their friends who are fasting. Tell them that if they fast they will get rewards like a Ramazan iftar party of all their friends who are fasting. This will not only encourage them to fast but also motivate their friends to fast and be blessed in this Holy month.
  • Tell them Ayat from The Holy Quran about fasting and rewards, it is a powerful book which not only provides a way of life but also has immense power of convincing. The best way to make your kids be motivated to fast is to tell them the rewards from the Holy Quran. The one problem most of the Muslim ummah does is that we don’t teach kids things directly from the Holy Quran. We tell them that it’s written in the book but we don’t show them the scriptures. This needs to be changed because the kids will believe what they see today rather than what we have to say. So tell them what is written in the Holy Quran about fasting and what rewards Allah has kept for the people who fast.
  • Tell them they are strong and brave, everyone needs encouragement and appreciation. The same goes for kids. We don’t realise this but kids also need a lot of encouragement in almost every other thing. Fasting is no different and the kids need in fact more appreciation and a lot of motivation for this. Instead of telling them they are weak, tell your kids they are strong and very brave to have fasted and that they can do it again, the entire family will do it together.

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