How To Have Your ‘Me’ Time

‘Me’ time is a time that is not only about spending alone time with yourself, but it actually means to have a quality time that will also make you feel fresh. Sometimes people think that the alone time you get when you have nothing to do in your home or when the parents, kids, husband or any other person living with you is asleep, is called as me-time. Mothers are often the ones who do not get to have some peaceful quality time with them because of how busy they get. Even other women who have busy routines often forget to cater themselves with some time that is reserved for their mental stability and peace as well as their body care. For different people their me-time can be different. You don’t have to follow everything that others do because your choice and preferences and the things that make you happy and calm can be very different from others. In this article we will see what can be some of the ways in which you can have your me-time and feel calm afterwards.

  • Wakeup early and sip your tea outside, most of the people who live with families or other people are not able to take out time for themselves, especially the mothers. They have to get up with kids and go to sleep tired right after the kids go to bed. Waking up early can help them to take out some me time for themselves. Pick a corner in your home that you might enjoy and that is peaceful. Make tea for yourself and go sit there in those early hours of the morning in peace and tranquillity.
  • Take a long relaxing bath with bath salts, baths don’t have to be in a rush. At your me time you can have a long peaceful bath with fragrant bath salts, and gels. Light some candles, uses essential oils and do pedicure, manicure and your own facial. You can file your nails and even paint them. Afterwards, take a shower and take your time while doing it. Lying in a Jacuzzi for some time is also a good option if you have it.
  • Go out for a pedicure and manicure, if you are in no mood to sit at home and do you beauty treatments yourself, then go out to a salon and get your manicure and pedicure done by a professional. While they do their magic, you can sit down and relax. Read a book or just close your eyes and calm your mind. This is not just your “me” time, but also the things that you reward yourself with. You work so much, take care of others, have responsibilities and a lot more, thus taking care of yourself and spending time and money for you is important to feel refreshed.
  • Watch a TV serial you like, binge watching a television serial you like is another way of relaxing and giving yourself time to unwind. Again, the concept of me time is to do anything that makes you feel better and happier. It doesn’t mean you have to go out of your way to buy something or do something that you won’t be able to do it often. Simply shutting off your phone and making or ordering in food while you watch a television season of your liking will do wonders. That is your me-time and many would swap this time with what they have to do, so if you get a chance, grab it.
  • Read a book you enjoy, book lovers will agree and understand that sometimes the best me time is to snuggle up in a comforter, make a hot or cold beverage for yourself and read a book that gives you comfort or excites you. Especially if it’s a fiction novel, it is a treat to get a little alone moments with your book and read it without interruption.

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