Pros And Cons Of Going On A Diet

Going on a diet when trying to lose weight is one of the most common phrases we have heard. People think dieting or following a certain diet plan is merely reserved for losing weight and getting in shape. Whereas getting in shape is the work of the exercise not only your diet. Following diet plans has other benefits and disadvantages that we will be discussing in this article. But before that, it needs to be mentioned here that everyone’s body type is different. Thus, for everyone there is a different diet plan. It is never wise and appropriate to follow a single diet plan for too long or for too many people. Doing such practice causes various problems in various people. What is dieting and why people do it depends on different people and their needs in life. And it is not a bad thing to follow a certain diet plan as long as you know what diet to go for and how long to do it. Below are some of the pros and cons of dieting that you need to know before anything else to figure out whether it is something for you or not.

Pros Of Going On A Diet


  • Weight loss, is one of the biggest advantages of going on a strict diet plan because it helps you to cut back on sugar and sweets and take only a certain amount of nutrients. This is also helpful in maintaining your already desired weight. There are various diet plans specifically for losing weight that will also determine exactly how much weight you will lose and in how many weeks or months.


  • Keeps body in shape, following a specific diet also helps to keep your body in shape because you cut down on fats and cholesterol because that is what makes you obese. Thus, there are some diets that allow you to keep a specific body part in shape. Life green juice diet or fruit diet, they help you to not only lose weight, but also keep your body in shape.


  • Healthy eating, another very big advantage of following a diet is that it promotes healthy eating for a longer period of time. It keeps the body clean as well as helping in keeping the body’s overall health maintained.


  • Detoxifies body, some diets like the fruit juice diet, detox water diet and green tea diets promote strength in the immune system and also remove the toxins from the body. Thus, many people only choose to do diets that are created to merely clean the body and wash out the harmful toxins and substances. They tend to include some regular meals in those diets as well cutting only the fats and carbohydrates.


Cons Of Going On A Diet

  • Diets have their advantages, but also disadvantages when not done properly. Sometimes some diets don’t even suit us and that causes trouble in the body too.


  • Unsustainable for longer periods, one of the major cons of a specific diet is that it is not suitable to carry on for a longer period of time and thus needs to be either switched or taken a break from it. This makes a person constantly struggle to keep up with not only that diet, but also keep track of when to stop it or take a break from it and start some other diet plan.


  • Strict diets may cause illness, it has been proven that crush diets cause long term illnesses among people and thus they must be avoided in any circumstance. Doctors never advise people to carry on with the strict weight loss diet plans for more than a 2 weeks or a little more or less.


May cause weakness in the body, if you are not used to of the following diet plans, they also cause weaknesses in the body, making a thin person as well as exhausted all the time. Thus diet plans must be selected after consulting a nutritionist and checking your body type and requirements.

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