Summer Ramadan Fasting Tips

With the sun rays getting hotter and the environment, giving us complete hot summer feels, people have started consuming more water now. This of course is one of the most important things to do in summer, drink water as much as you can. However, there is another news, Ramadan is arriving soon too, and thus it is often hard for people to consume a good amount of water and fluids to keep themselves hydrated. Therefore, in this article we have discussed some tips to fast in the summer so that you are able to spend the day, at least in a better situation than getting extra thirsty.

1 – Dates with Sehri and Iftar

Most of the people eat dates with iftari because of this being a sunnah. However dates are also great energy providers and boost the levels of energy to a great extent. Thus after a long day of being thirsty in this summer, dates play an important in providing us the energy in the evening so that we can spend our night in prayer and worship. The tip here is to consume 2-3 dates in sehri as well because they will help spend the rest of the day energised. They also help in being less thirsty and that is why it is known as the food of the desert. The bedouins have been consuming it since a long time in the desert because of various amazing properties of dates.

2 – Avoiding Chilled Water in Iftar

This tip will help in two ways, prevent weight gain especially in the tummy area and help in vanquishing the thirst. Avoid drinking very cold water at iftar time. It is because the entire day our bodies have been living without water and food in this very hot summer. Because of this the body temperature becomes warm and at iftar time when suddenly very cold water goes inside it, it causes weight gain, as well as proves to be harmful for the organs and heart.

3 – Avoid Too Much Sugary Drinks

Avoid drinking carbonated drinks as well as too many sugary drinks. These sugar drinks have artificial flavours, sugars and preservatives that increase cholesterol levels and develop a craving in the body for more. Therefore one ends up consuming more amounts of these drinks than required and yet the thirst doesn’t go away. Therefore, if you want to stay healthy while also don’t want to feel thirsty, avoiding excess of sugar and sugary drinks is a wise option as it will also help you in getting less thirsty.

4 – Put a Pinch of Salt in Your Drinks

Avoid too much salty foods as they increase thirst as well but after a long day of completely fasting, the body loses its important nutrients. They are essential for its smooth running and thus to prevent it from being dehydrated, a great tip is to just add a pinch of salt in your regular drinks/sharbat for iftar. It will be good for the salt and nutrition your body has lost over the day.

5 – Avoid Fast Foods and Too Much Fried Food

Fried food is oily and this isn’t fulfilling for the tummy. It merely gives an impression that the tummy is full but it makes us hungry right after some time. The best tip to not feel hungry in summer Ramazan is to consume less fast foods and less fried food. This will also make you be more active rather than being lazy. We don’t realise but fried and fast food makes the body lazy and that is why most people feel more sleepy and drowsy rather than being active.

6 – Eat Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

For iftar one of the better foods to consume are fruits and vegetables. There are many ways of eating fruits and vegetables with various delicious recipes. They are good for the body, build stamina and also help in maintaining weight. Moreover the pulp and juices in them will keep the body hydrated.

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