The Health Benefits of Laughter

One of the most beautiful sounds in the world is of laughter. Someone laughing with all their heart, being content and happy, smiling widely at the world. It is often seen and heard people who have a good laugh every now and then are healthier and optimistic about the world and life. And it is true because merely the action of laughing and feeling content is healthy and beneficial for the heart and body. In this article we will discuss some of the ways in which laughter and even grinning is healthy for the body. However, before starting one thing should be noted that too much laughter and without honesty and satisfaction can be harmful for oneself. Therefore, when we talk about laugher, we are talking about meaningful and good laughter.

  • Improve mental health – laughter improves mental health because it tells the mind about positive times and gives happy vibes. The brain is an organ that needs to be trained and thus laughing tells it that life is beautiful. The hardships that can be overcome and therefore the mental health improves. Moreover, it shakes the monotonous brain state and gives a boost of energy to the brain, which also proves to be helpful in promoting good brain health. Having a good and meaningful laugh that genuinely comes from the heart, makes a person feel more optimistic and positive towards the world, life and others around them, making them empathetic towards other people and even other living organisms like plants and other creatures on earth.
  • Helps improve cardiac health – laughing is associated with the heart directly because of blood circulation. The more you laugh, the more pumping blood becomes fast and smooth and thus this blood circulation is good for the heart and body. It also opens up the clogged veins and arteries because laughing has that impact needed to run blood through the system.
  • Stretches face muscles and lifts skin – this is one very important fact that laughing stretches the facial skin and muscles. This has two benefits for the face, the facial muscles get stretched and thus it is a great exercise for the face. Were huge benefits when the muscles are moved and worked and because laughing involved a lot of muscles, it is a great workout for the face. Secondly, it lifts up the skin and that proves to be a good skin lifter. It is called as anti-aging and is often seen that people who laugh more have longer lifespans and fresh tight skin.
  • Releases stress and anger – A good laugh always releases stress and anger, that is why you must have noticed that people often tend to spend time with their good and close friends when they are either stressed or angry. One of the studies in recent years have proved that people who have meaningful laughs often are happier and more positive than people who don’t share a good laugh much. Laughter also helps to handle stress in a much better way because it takes courage and also a great skill to laugh in stressful situations. It releases the hormones that lower stress levels and increase a sense of safety and calm.
  • Releases happy hormones – As I have mentioned earlier, laughter releases happy hormones dopamine and serotonin. Dopamine is responsible for that happy and cheerful feeling you get when doing anything exciting or anything you love. Thus, when someone is sad, basically their dopamine levels are low due to which they get these gloomy feelings. Laughing releases dopamine and thus it makes a person feel light and cheerful, increasing their positive approach towards life and making them feel purposeful and happy.

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