Understanding Fatty Liver Disease

Understanding Fatty Liver Disease

In this article we will discuss what exactly the fatty liver disease is and how it affects a person. Fatty liver disease is related to the liver and thus it affects not just the liver but the entire body. There are various types of diseases of the liver that occur to not one or the same but different reasons. However, all of them are dangerous for humans and body. Fatty liver disease is one of them.

Understanding Fatty Liver Disease

Liver is an extremely important organ in the body that creates fresh blood, stacks up energy and gives to the entire body as well as cleanses the blood. The health of the liver is a very important factor and it is because of this liver and its problems that many people die every year due to one or other form of a liver disease. In fatty liver disease, extra fat gets accumulated in the liver and its walls that in turn cause health issues that if not treated can be extremely fatal. There can a be different reasons why that fat builds up in the liver and what damage it does to the body, all those things are mentioned below in the article so read till the end to know more about this.

Types of Fatty Liver Disease

There are two types of Fatty liver disease in humans and both these types are however dangerous.

  • Alcoholic fatty liver disease (also called steatohepatitis)
  • Nonalcoholic Fatty liver disease (NAFLD)
Understanding Fatty Liver Disease

Alcoholic fatty liver disease, as the name suggests, occurs due to extensive use of alcohol and drinking a lot. This is dangerous because those who are either alcohol addicts or who drink too much, have a habit of it and this causes the liver to spend more energy on breaking that alcohol down and getting the body rid of it. This entire process is exhausting for the liver and it becomes weak, weakening its defense systems. Due to this the liver gets weak and damaged not being able to perform its function well. Thus, when prolonged and untreated, causes hepatitis and other severe problems that might in later stages be impossible to treat or cure.

Understanding Fatty Liver Disease

NAFLD is the fatty liver disease that doesn’t occur due to alcohol use. It occurs in those who do not consume alcohol or do, but in small amount. There are further two more types of NAFLD. One is simple fatty liver disease in which there is fat in the liver, but less fat and it doesn’t cause inflammation or damage to the liver. A person can live just fine with it though it is just healthy to have a proper check up followed by treatment. The other type of NAFLD is also called steatohepatitis and it is fatal because in this the fat build up in the liver is more and also causes inflammation. This leads to liver cancer as well; therefore it is extremely harmful and must be treated in time.

Understanding Fatty Liver Disease

Fatty liver disease can occur in different people and due to different reasons. Obesity is one of the major reasons of this because it builds up fat in the body and liver. People who have cholesterol in their blood also are prone to it. However, it can also be treated if diagnosed in time. First of all it is healthy to get a regular check up of liver and entire body anyway. Moreover, get blood tests done every once in a while and get more blood test. The doctors would be able to detect cholesterol in your blood. Furthermore jaundice also leads to fatty liver disease so that is also a symptom and should be kept in mind.

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