Ways To Minimise Your Skin Pores

Ways To Minimise Your Skin Pores

Pores are one of the most important aspects of human bodies because they help in exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide as well release toxins from the body. However these pores also hinder in looking fresh and radiant when they appear in larger forms on the face. This happens due to a number of reasons and often creates trouble for men and women both. These large pores don’t even hide behind thick layers of makeup or foundation and when looked closely, tend to make skin look exhausted. These pores can however be minimised in some ways and often completely disappear. Keep reading till the end to know some ways to get rid of large pores and minimise them.

1 – Wash Face with Cold Water

Wash Face with Cold Water

Washing face with warm water will make it open the pores, now when we don’t wash our face with cold water afterwards; these pores tend to stay open and thus appear to look bigger and more prominent on the face. Even if you are getting steam or washing face with warm water, put some splashes of cold water on it afterwards, so that the pores get closed, this will minimise their size. If you have large pores, you can get a steam first, clean them and then wash face with cold water, you might see a difference there too.

2 – Avoid Layers of Makeup

Avoid Layers of Makeup

Large pores tend to save a lot of pollutants and even makeup residue in them. Due to this the skin looks dark and unclean. To top it off it looks even more clogged and suffocated because of the usage of so many makeup layers and the makeup being stored in those pores. One tip to minimise these pores is to not use so much makeup on them and instead, give your skin a break and let it breathe. This is very important when having skin problems and large pores. In this way the skin will get cleaned, the exchange of oxygen will happen and the pores will minimize on their own. Furthermore, keep the foundation usage in everyday life to a minimum because it tends to clog the pores. This is why acne happens and other similar problems. Try using so much of the makeup only on important occasions.

3 – Keep the Skin Hydrated

Keep the Skin Hydrated

Keeping skin hydrated and moisturised will minimise the pores and also make the skin look very fresh and radiant. This is a very important part of the skin hygiene and thus must be followed because keeping it hydrated will keep it away from acne. Drink more water and also wash your face in the morning and at night. When the skin is super dry or oily these pores tend to enlarge and get more polluted. So when you come back home after a long day or even if you haven’t gone out at all, just wash your face with a face wash that suits your skin, apply a hydrating or moisturising lotion or cream. Moreover also drink water before going to sleep. It will get the body rid of harmful materials that contribute to acne and large pores.

4 – Massage Cold Ice on Face

Massage Cold Ice on Face

Ice has tremendous benefits when using for beauty purposes and even other reasons. And one of the uses of ice is that it helps to lower down the size of pores on the body. Our skin tends to get polluted over time, especially the face and that causes the pores to appear larger in size. This gives an uneven appearance on the skin and also doesn’t look neat and stretched. In order to minimise the pore size and also get a fresher and tight skin, massage ice on your face every morning or even night. This is will minimise the size of the pores that appear on your cheeks and nose as well as help in tightening the skin so that it looks younger and radiant.

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