What Is Mindfulness?

We have seen nowadays that most people do not tend to be able to spend quality time being present and enjoying the world around them. Time is running fast and with that everyone else happens to run too. This state of being lost and being tired as well as having to rush everywhere is with everyone. From old people to young kids, most of our routines are filled with phones, laptops, screens, television and other times running for office school and other work places. All of this chaos in life makes people restless and initiates many other problems that did not exist in the past with the older generations. Unlike the past today people have developed psychological problems that include anxiety, depression and even paranoia. These have other reasons too, but lack of mindfulness is one reason for these problems. Now the blame should not be given to technology alone because it is not the object that is problematic, but how we use it is the problem. Too much technology consumption and constantly living in the digital world has made our brains operate really fast, thus ending up not being mindful at all. A solution to all these problems of restless and tired brain and body is mindfulness.

What is mindfulness? Many people don’t understand the concept of it. Mindfulness basically is a simple concept that means staying in the present. Being conscious about your environment, what you are doing and who is around you. All these things are known to be experienced when one is in a conscious and mindful state. Mindfulness also makes people more alive, productive and present in the present time rather than living in the past or future. How to be mindful? Being mindful means living in the present. The current moments that you are spending at the moment count so much more than what happened in the past or what the future has to bring. Therefore, it is important to notice the people that are around you, have meaning conversations with them, listen to what they have to say and observe how they smile, how they talk, how they view the world around them. Moreover, notice how the sun comes out and shines, how the flowers bloom and what colours they have. When you start observing the small things about the world, people, living and nonliving things around you, only then you will be able to enjoy life and be happier. Because happiness is lost when we are sad about the past and worried about the future and this is what mindfulness teaches us, to be happier and more productive.

Some practices of being mindful, there are some physical practices that one can do in order to be more present, conscious and mindful in their life. This will bring them closer to nature, make them more active and productive and also calmer. These exercises are easy to do and thus one must inculcate them in their everyday life to become more mindful.

Breathing, deep breathing is something people hardly get a chance to do often. But it helps a lot. Try deep breathing for 10 minutes every day by staying away from the phone and other urgent tasks. You can sit in a room and focus on your breathing. This helps immensely with moods and aids one in becoming mindful.

Meditation, well meditation and breathing are two different things that should not be confused. Breathing is to breath in and out whereas meditation involves also calming the mind, focusing not only on the breathing but also other body parts and especially the thoughts that come and go in the mind. This is another great practise to become mindful.

A walk in the nature, but without taking your phone will open up your mind and it also helps to put things in perspective. It will help in being more mindful and being in the present too.

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