Imagine hearing these dialogues at a tender age..

“Itna mat khilao!” “Moti ya Patli?”

What goes through these little souls each time they hear these remarks?
Children especially young girls are subjected to eve-teasing and body shaming at a very tender age.
For how long will this continue? For how long will our daughters be subjected to this trauma?

To curb this vile practice of body shaming, we at Dalda with #MeriAwaz Movement aim at breaking these taboos and pledge to stand united with mothers and daughters to help them take a firm stand against these cruel voices.

#MeriAwaz is every mother’s voice!

#MeriAwaz is every father’s voice!

#MeriAwaz is every girl’s voice!

This Movement ensures that these stereotypical negative practices are suffocated for the better. We at Dalda, through Meri Awaz, encourage you mothers to take an active part in our awareness program where our daughters would be given the confidence to learn preventive measures in order to stop them from being exploited.

Aamina Sheikh a devoted mother, an accomplished artist with an impactful and vocal personality; has taken the charge of being a strong advocate for the #MeriAwaz campaign

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Last Updated: May, 2020