Different Ways To Cope With Depression

Different Ways To Cope With Depression

One of the major problems in today’s world is depression that has been spreading in the society like venom, killing millions silently and robbing a gazillion people of a happy and satisfying life. In this article we will see what exactly makes depression different than sadness and how one can cope with this problem that creates a huge hindrance in the daily life, routine chores and relationships.

Different Ways To Cope With Depression

Different Ways To Cope With Depression

Different Ways To Cope With Depression

Different Ways To Cope With Depression

Difference Between Sadness And Depression

One of the major differences between depression and sadness is that depression is basically a prolong feeling of extreme sadness and lack of interest in the world and life. Most of the time people experience a temporary phase of feeling down and not so happy. That is not depression, but merely some twist in the hormones causing you to be sad, at times with a reason and at times without a reason. One of the major signs of depression is that the loss of interest in life and the world as well as a person’s hobbies occurs and that change is for a very long time, normally resulting in the requirement of an external help.


Now let’s talk about some of the ways to cope with depression and how to help tackle it as much as possible. Counselling is a very popular and effective medium since it helps to see and detect the root cause of a problem that is causing one to be depressed. Most of the time the depression patients are not directly referred to a psychiatrist for medical help or given antidepressants. Sometimes the problem gets diagnosed and solved with the help of regular counselling sessions with a psychologist.


Busy/Active Lifestyle
When our mind is left alone without an activity, it wanders off to thinking all sorts of crazy things that make us sad and in the long run depressed. Having a busy and active lifestyle, proper timetable will help your mind be pre-occupied with the tasks at hand and thus you’ll feel less sad and stressed.


Avoid Violent Videos/Movies
One of the major reasons of continuous depression is also the viewing of violent content. If you are depressed or have a tendency to get into depression, avoid every type of violent content in the form of movies and TV.


Avoid Watching The News
Many also advise to avoid watching the news because media these days exaggerates the issues in the world, making it seem 100 times worse than the actual situation.


Surround Yourself With Positive People
Your company plays a huge role in how your moods will be for the rest of the day or week. Being in the company of happy and supporting people will make you better and help you see the bright side of things, whereas if you spend more time in depressed, violent or negative minded people, you will end up feeling depressed and pessimistic about everything in life.


Choose Healthy Hobbies
Though it may sound hard when someone is already going through tough times and feeling depressed, but try to choose hobbies that are mentally challenging but also healthy. You can walk, read, write, play some instrument, swim, horse riding, painting, cooking, baking, travelling or anything else.


Keep Talking To A Trusted Friend
Talking is one of the easiest and most effective ways of getting out of depression because it helps to release the anxiety and those piled up feelings stored in you. Keep talking to a friend or family member you trust and who listens.


Waking Up Early And Sleeping Early

This is equally important and extremely helpful. Start waking up early and sleeping early as well because it balances our hormones and thus releases dopamine that is the happy hormone.


Balancing The Diet

Having a balanced diet will also help you to cope with depression because food plays a huge role in our moods and lives. Try to inculcate a healthy and balanced diet in your life.

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