Hobbies For Moms With Toddlers

Hobbies For Moms With Toddlers

Young mothers with toddlers running around the house or nagging for food every now and then are not able to do a lot of things like unmarried people. Their hobbies tend to change and so does their routines. It is quite difficult for mothers with toddlers to go out and pursue their hobbies and careers, especially when their kid needs to be taken care of and protected from the environment. In this case, the best thing to do is to find a hobby in your own house rather than going outside. There are a number of things that mothers sitting at home taking care of naughty toddlers can do. In this article, there are some interesting set of hobbies listed for all the mothers out there so that neither they neglect themselves nor their toddlers.

1 – Digital Drawing And Doodling

Digital Drawing And Doodling

Doodling has become a popular thing today and so is digital drawing. All you need is a smart phone or laptop and some good drawing software. You can draw and doodle even if your toddler is awake. Let him or her play with their toys and you can draw something nice on your smart phone. Doodling is also a great way to unwind the brain and thoughts as it gives a chance to create without using much of the brain.

2 – Reading Short Stories Online

Reading Short Stories Online

Short stories are such lovely small tales that everyone enjoys. This can be a nice time pass for young mothers, especially because it doesn’t require one to go out and do tiring chores. Plus one gets to learn a lot from them. So get yourself some nice stories in book form or even online and read it while still keeping your toddler in sight. 

3- Making Baby Videos For Social Media

Making Baby Videos For Social Media

Baby videos have become so common and extremely popular and no matter how much we make, there is always room for more baby videos. So you can make videos of your toddler doing funny things or even sleeping and post them online on an Instagram or Facebook account. Besides, your kid can grow up one day and see all those videos, keep them in their memory box, which has become the digital platform these days.

4 – Social Media Management

Social Media Management

You can also manage someone’s social media account. All that is required in this task is to comment, reply and engage people in social media platforms on various accounts. You can also create content for brand’s social media accounts and even earn a little extra money while at it.

5 – Fashion Illustrations

Fashion Illustrations

Sketching fashion illustrations is yet another hobby for all the creative mothers who cannot pursue a career is fashion design yet because of the baby. Make fashion illustrations of various clothes and cuts, keep a collection of them and if you want, you can also sell them to brands and designers.

6 – Baby Photoshoot

Baby Photoshoot

This can go well with the toddler videos. You can make videos and also click the photos while dressing your toddler in different costumes and dresses. There can be rabbits, bees and other cute little baby outfits. Dress the toddler in them and click photos, you can post them online too.

7 – Baby Care Updates

Baby Care Updates

Instagram is a great medium to showcase your interest and skills. You can make a baby care account on Instagram for mothers and post thing that can help manage babies well. This is another great hobby. It allows one to write and post a photo all in one without much fuss and editing. So that is an easy medium for everyone. You also post about whatever you do like traveling, eating out cooking and much more.

8 – Writing A Blog

Writing A Blog

You can also make a proper website or blog about baby care and motherhood, sharing your own journey with mothers. This is a great way to share with them what to expect from motherhood (whatever experience you have gained so far).

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