Practicing Positive Self-Talk

Practicing Positive Self-Talk

How many times have you been caught talking to yourself or you have caught someone talking into thin air with just them? You might think it seems funny and quite weird to talk to yourself but actually it’s not. Talking to yourself is a very healthy thing, especially if you talk to yourself about positive things that make you happy, relaxed and also seem to give you a direction. Now a days we see many people becoming intolerant towards others, either having arrogant and aggressive attitudes or just being negative, no matter what. Some of that is because of the lack of moral grooming of the individuals and the other reason is because people have stopped spending time with themselves. The excess use of mobile phones all the time has made our brains be so busy and preoccupied that most of the people don’t even get the time to talk to themselves, let alone talk to someone else. The problem here is not the use of the phone, but the excess of it, as well as the unproductiveness of today’s people, who can’t seem to get their life together, due to which meditation, self care and self talk have become foreign ideas to them. Start talking to yourself positively and make yourself understand things politely, lovingly. Work on your stress and train your mind to listen to you, rather than you giving in completely to your thoughts. This will have many benefits for your mental health and you’ll see the differences in your life. Read the article to know why all this self talk is important and what it can do for you.

1 – Releases Anxiety and Stress

Releases Anxiety and Stress

The more you talk to yourself, even out loud, the more you let things from your brain out and thus release frustration. Keeping things bottled up inside will only make you more anxious. Talking to yourself will make you see things and reason with yourself, finding out in the end that all the stress and anxiety aren’t really a big issue anymore. 

2 – Makes One Think Straight

Makes One Think Straight

Sometimes we tend to over think in the heat of the moment and thus lose our focus. Self talk will bring you back to your purpose and goals again and again. It will clear your mind and help you think straight. You will notice that most of the thoughts in your mind are just noises coming from different sides and when you talk logically with yourself, you’ll find your own inclination and voice. This helps in being focused and not being distracted by anyone or anything. You start thinking from the mind rather than the heart. 

3 – Makes One Become Happier and Satisfied

Makes One Become Happier and Satisfied

Self talk is an important aspect of self care. People who talk to themselves are more happy and satisfied as compared to people who don’t talk to themselves. Most of the public thinks that for having a conversation, you need to have another human being with you. However the self care and mental health practitioners advise that the inner self of a person is actually a conscious being and nourishment too. The soul as many call it, is a powerful being in us and because of that, people meditate and pray and connect to any divine source they believe in, to feel happier and satisfied. Self talk with your soul, therefore, is essential and gives you calm.

4 – Important for Confidence Building

Important for Confidence Building

When you talk to yourself, you realise that most of things that people say are actually just empty talk and thus whatever is putting you down, doesn’t feel like important enough for your attention. Many men and women who indulge in self talk say that they feel more confident since they have started talking to themselves. This basically tells the mind that you don’t need anyone else to validate you and give you company, which brings confidence in being who you are and how you are.

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