Things To Know About PCOS

Things To Know About PCOS

Men and women have various body organs and functions that are similar but there are also various functions and organs in them that are different from each other. The reproductive system is one such system. Although both have it, the organs and their functions are different, and therefore the issues related to these systems are also quite different in both. PCOS is one such problem that occurs in women and is related to the reproductive system. PCOS stands for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, which is basically a hormone disorder in the women. It affects 1 in 10 women from a young age and lasts for a long time, for some a lifetime. Though, it is not something to be depressed about. In this article we will see what is PCOS and what are some misconceptions that people have regarding it.


PCOS is not a fatal disease or something that will cause an early death or other injurious problems for the woman. It is basically a functional disorder of the ovaries in which small cysts are produced that are filled with a fluid. These cysts are not harmful or painful, they just hinder in the production and release of the eggs on a regular basis. Because of this issue, the woman having PCOS may not get regular periods and her menstrual cycle is mostly unbalanced, with an irregularity in periods of 6 months or sometimes a year. But every woman is different and thus their issues and menstrual cycles are different, which is why the PCOS may also differ slightly in different women. However, there are some basic symptoms that are the same in all.


In PCOS sometimes the male hormone androgen is in excess due to which the body hair and facial hair start growing in excess too. Don’t stress out, they are not too much in the sense of male hair, but at least they get a bit thicker and more in number. Furthermore the imbalance in hormones also causes obesity in women. Some women also get acne due to this because the imbalance in hormones can bring in a lot of other issues. But all these problems can be handled. There are some misconceptions that people think are true and it scares them a lot about PCOS. Read below and get to know that all your fears are not true.

  • Women with PCOS can have kids, this is one of the biggest question and misconception people have. They think that women with PCOS cannot have kids. Well, they can. Because it is not that you don’t have a menstrual cycle, it is just a little irregular because the production of eggs is irregular. But women with PCOS can and they do have kids. There are millions of cases around the world where women with this issue have healthy and beautiful kids. So if someone you know thinks they can’t have kids or others in your family don’t know about this, aware them. Tell them to first go to a doctor and then know that PCOS doesn’t stop your life.
  • Women with PCOS can become slim, another problem with this disorder is the obesity and women think they will always be obese, and have a de-shaped body. No! This is also a misunderstanding. With proper food and proper diet, women with PCOS can become healthier and slimmer. Even their skin problems can also go away, acne vanishes and skin becomes healthy and glowing. One just needs to change a bit of their lifestyle and remove some unhealthy products from it as well as introduce the healthy food and skin products. There are multiple diet plans for PCOS patients like keto-diets or veggie diets, though meat consumption is also good but only in a limited quantity. And in meat, fish is much better rather than chicken because of the steroids that are put in the birds.

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