Types Of Coffee And Their Taste

Types Of Coffee And Their Taste

Coffee is one of the most drunk beverages after water. Although the popular chai of the subcontinent is also a hot favorite among the region, it still doesn’t beat the love for coffee around the globe. There are different types of coffee beans, coffee roasts and then coffee drinks around the world and each has its own charms and qualities. This entire article is dedicated to this heavenly beverage that has its own health benefits as well as helps to wake us up in the morning.


You might think that all coffee in the world is made from one type of beans, but no there are different types of coffee beans. Different regions grow coffee from different ways and thus that makes the coffee from different areas quite unique and different from each other. There are two main types of coffee beans, Robusta and Arabica. Robusta is less expensive, has more caffeine content and tastes bitter. The Arabica coffee beans have less caffeine content and taste divine, nothing like smoke or harsh, but these beans are a lot more expensive and thus not suitable for commercial use. Coffee beans are roasted before being used in drinks and their type of coffee made from different roasted beans is also different. There are 4 types of roasting that decide how your coffee will taste like and how much caffeine it will have in it. A lighter roasted coffee has more caffeine and tastes less bitter. It is softer in taste with a rich coffee aroma. The second type is medium roasted coffee which is slightly more roasted than the lightly roasted and the beans get cracked ones. The third type is the medium dark roasted which takes bitter and the beans are more rested. A fourth type is the dark roasted and the beans appear to be dark blackish brown.  Darker roasted beans taste bitter and harsh, more like coal or smoke and caffeine content in it is also less because the beans have lost their original taste. Now comes the fun part, type of coffee beverages made worldwide. In this article you will find the most popular of the coffee drinks served and drunk on a daily basis in most parts of the world as a breakfast essential item. 

  • Espresso, it is a bitter drink if not added sugar and has more coffee and very less milk. The caffeine content in espressos is also more due to more coffee. It is made in coffee machine using small amounts of water. Adding sugar and cream is optional though people love it just like that and for its bitter taste. 
  • Americano, also goes by another simpler name, black coffee. It is a very popular breakfast drink in America, United Kingdom and most parts of Europe. Americano tastes a bit bitter with no added sugar. It is made with water and coffee and served hot. It is best to wake one up with a good caffeine dose to start the day energetic.
  • Cappuccino, is made with espresso shots and milk is added along with milk foam. It is also a good choice for morning start up for those who like their coffee less harsh and more creamier. 
  • Latte, they are the all-time favorite coffee beverages because they have a variety of options to choose from. Let’s have more milk, more milk foam, less espresso/coffee and you can add any flavor you like for example chocolate or vanilla. 
  • Mocha, they are a combination of chocolate and coffee and are sweeter than all the other coffee beverages. They are great for people who like coffee, but in the mildest form. You can decide if you want your mocha to be hot or cold, but mostly it is served hot. 

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