Environmental Care and Sustainability

Doing business, the right way and also creating shared value between the business and the society in which we live and operate, is also manifested in Dalda Foods setting up Dalda Foundation Trust in 2010 and putting aside a certain portion of its profits to provide assistance in the field of education, health and agriculture. In the field of education, need cum merit based scholarships are being provided nationally all over the country to students from matriculation onwards.

There are over 2000 Dalda Foundation scholarship holder students currently studying in schools, colleges and universities in the country. Hospitals and health institutions located in the communities where Dalda Foods has its operations are provided assistance In their health care activities which helps both the local communities and the Dalda Foods staff living there.

Dalda Foundation is also working with the universities of Agriculture, Jamshoro, Sindh and FELDA Global Ventures, Malaysia to assist local farmers to improve the yield of their edible oil seed corps and also assess if oil palm can be profitably grown in the coastal areas of Sindh. This will assist both the famers in improving their income, the country in saving in its import bill and also the Dalda Foods in having local sourcing of its major raw materials.


Last Updated: May, 2020